LILT Bologna, at its headquarters at via F. Turati,67, has established itself as a reference point for cancer patients and their loved ones.

An oncologist and/or a counselor are available, by appointment and free of charge, to offer their professional expertise: clarifying questions about the disease, addressing and dispelling fears, help cancer patients understand and onset of the disease and regain their dignity.

The service is available to the public and designed for patients and their loved ones to build a network of solidarity and practical support.

Self-help groups

Cancer diagnosis profoundly disrupts the life of the patients, their family, friends and community. Physical, psychological and relational problems could arise threatening the patient's quality of life. Self-help groups aim to recover and uplift the lives of the patient and their loved ones.

Self-help groups are small communities of people (8-10) who meet 2 hours per week. They are being led by a professional counselor who facilitates the communication between the participants.

Groups are also formed by au pairs sharing a common difficulty and are willing to discuss, help, listen, support each other. Whoever wishes to improve their condition and help others do the same by sharing experiences can join these groups.

Self-help groups enable the expression of emotions, reflection of one's own behavior, enhancement of problem-solving skills and self-esteem, and building of network and resources. People who join self-help groups give and receive help and get in touch with different points of view. They begin to understand that it is possible to open up about their problems and issues to the world around them.

For more information or appointments: 051 4399148

Help desk for cancer patients' rights

LILT Bologna provides free advice to patients and their families regarding their rights. LILT Bologna guides on issues like where and how get all the requirements needed to for the certification of civil invalidity; what documents to ask their employers, etc…

The application leads the patient through the maze of Italian laws that often - for those who are afflicted by the typical concerns of an oncological disease – could be overwhelming

For more information or appointments: 051 4399148

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"Cancer is a serious problem.
We are talking about too little in its context.
Many, too many people living with it in their own skin or through a sick loved one.
Those who live directly or indirectly this experience know the burden that you carry inside.
This emotional part is often underestimated."

- From Le parole sono importanti Cancro e Rispetto by Martha Proserpio
(Find the full text on her blog-italian only)

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