LILT, the acronym of Lega Italiana per Lotta contro i Tumori (Italian Cancer League), exists to support people in their fight against cancer.

We are conscious of the fact that our behaviour is an important weapon to safeguard our health. Because of it we sustain tumour prevention through information and awareness and promoting important activities of early diagnosis.

To prevent means taking care of ourselves, in order to improve our life quality, to invest on ourselves, to become citizens responsible of our own health, that is a precious gift and an indispensable condition to live serenely. A third of the most common tumours can be prevented and we want to play in advance.

We believe in an integrated approach, in a net of solidarity that takes in account people in all their totality, making them able of taking care of theirselves completely, even during illness, and ensuring everyone they are not alone.


To fight cancer by promoting cancer prevention through awareness campaigns, educational programs for schools and early diagnosis programs. We provide free counselling to cancer patients and their families and free support in dealing with bureaucratic and legal issues.


Italian Federation to fight against cancer, a first form of future LILT, was born in Bologna in 1922, on February, 25th.

Four years later, in 1926, the Federation took its current name and moved its headquarters to Rome. The next year it was recognized as a Charitable Trust by a Government Decree.

In 1975 LILT became a Public Institution.

In 1994 the new articles of the association were approved and its 103 Provincial Sections became associations: Bologna Provincial Section has become, in this way, an Association of Social Promotion.


The Bologna local branch of the Italian Cancer League, located at Via Turati 67 in Bologna, is a non - profit organization that has been active since 1922. It is administered by a Board od Directors elected by its members.


The Italian Cancer League (LILT - Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori) is a nationwide charity with its headquarters in Rome, which operates under the patronage of the President of the Republic and the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

It also collaborates with the Government, Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, Authorities and Institutions of oncology, in order to promote and implement a culture of cancer prevention through early diagnosis, awareness campaigns, informational and educational programs, research, psychophysical rehabilitation, social support and healthcare.

The Italian Cancer League coordinates over 389 medical practices throughout the country and 105 Provincial Local Offices.


LILT Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori - Associazione Metropolitana LILT di Bologna
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LILT Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori - Associazione Metropolitana LILT di Bologna
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