Stupid Cancer

Founded in 2007 by Matthew Zachary, a young adult cancer survivor, Stupid Cancer is a non-profit organization that empowers those affected by young adult cancer through innovative and award-winning programs and services. We are the nation's largest support community for this underserved population and serve as a bullhorn for the young adult cancer movement.

We proudly support a global network of patients, survivors, caregivers, providers and advocates to ensure that no one affected by young adult cancer go unaware of the age-appropriate resources they are entitled to so they can get busy living.

Our innovative and award-winning programs and services reflect this charter and have been developed to patch cracks in the system and fill in gaps in service. Beyond raising global awareness that young adults can and do get cancer, our brand serves as a bullhorn for a social movement about change; a call to action to end isolation, increase quality of life and improve outcomes for hundreds of thousands.

The OMG! Cancer Summit
The OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults is the premier annual oncology conference and social networking event for the young adult cancer movement. The signature program of Stupid Cancer, this pivotal healthcare event converges several key industry sectors and mobilizes many thousands of patients, survivors and caregivers around the world to get organized, build community and unite to drive change.

The Stupid Cancer Show
Launched in 2007, The Stupid Cancer Show is a multi-award-winning international talk radio webcast. Five years and 250 broadcasts later, the show boasts an aggregate listenership exceeding 2.5M worldwide. The Stupid Cancer Show tackles hard hitting issues from politics, health care, civil rights and the environment to social media, entertainment, cancer research and education. Recognized by the Classy Awards as the "Most Innovative Use Of Social Media" and awarded LIVESTRONG's first-ever "Game-Changer" Advancement Award, this broadcast has given a voice to millions of underserved children, teenagers and young adults lwith cancer and elevated the cause of "young adult cancer survivorship" to the national spotlight. Hosted by young adult survivors Annie Goodman—Journalist and TV News Producer—and SC Founder/CEO Matthew Zachary, this broadcast has become an international outlet for causes, issues and topics relevant through the lens of young adult cancer, public health and social welfare.

The Stupid Cancer Meetup
Formerly the Stupid Cancer Happy Hour, meetups represent our signature community outreach, awareness and peer-connection program.
Since June of 2007, over 500 of these small events have taken place in 40 states and three countries. No pressure. No judgements. No white walls. No sitting around in a circle sharing your feelings. No Kumbaya. Wear anything you want. Bring anyone you want. Make it about you, your community and just have fun getting busy living with no strings attached. But in all seriousness, it's about hanging out with people who "get you" and who won't pity you for being 40 years younger than them. Alternate "Stupid Cancer" community meetups that we've helped organize include: film screenings, book signings, tweetups, bowling nights, scavenger hunts, golf outings, bar crawls, weekend retreats, roofdeck parties, wine and cheese events, BBQs, Halloween costume balls and more.

The Stupid Cancer Forums
The Stupid Cancer Forums are your premiere online discussion boards for 1-1 peer support, advice and mentoring for the young adult cancer movement. With over 4,500 active members, it's a great resource to sign up for if you're seeking answers from patients or caregivers like you or just want to help give support to someone who is now walking in your shoes. Check it out today.

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